Our Office

At Porter & May we felt it would be dull, uninspiring and not reflective of our brand to have a veneered desk in a beige office on the high street! We wanted our office space to be different and a comfortable space for the best customer experience.

Instead, we decided to showcase our brand, style and passion in the unique office space just a minute’s stroll from High Street, Oakham opposite the lovely Taylor & Baines interior shop on Northgate.

Although it takes a little more effort to find us (we didn’t deliberately hide, we promise!), we’re sure you’ll find it well worth the looking – it is truly a hidden gem and we are always welcoming!

The office space has been designed so we have a great space to work from but an equally relaxing and inviting space for clients to come and visit us. Our clients’ homes are showcased in a way like you won’t have seen before and we believe beautifully but we will let you be the judge of that.

At Porter & May our office space is reflective of our brand, style and about making our clients feel at home – after all … that’s what we sell and let!